Why should we travel?

A real value. People you meet on your way teaching you more than any book possibly could. Behind every face, every smile, there is a unique story. Land as a living being. Authority of pristine, untamed nature, a constant reminder of our significance (or lack thereof) in the grand scheme of things. Historical monuments leaving us speechless. Vivid cities full of life, or fairy villages lost in time. Colours, tastes and smells playing with our senses. The challenges of an environment and new situations creating a great opportunity to open the door to the world of people of the same mind, the same laughter, and the same care. Spreading kindness. Learning about modesty, tolerance, and responsibility. Recalibrating a moral compass.


The endearing natural surroundings tend to in and of themselves make people better, encouraging humility, empathy, and an appetite for simplicity and self-determination. Touching these places simply teaches to move the expanded elbows of egoism, attenuate the hegemonic way of life and limited human freedom caused by the material way of life.


Are you ready to hear the stories behind the faces?

If you can, I urge you to travel. Go and see the world. Find, what needs to be found and lose the burden which you can no longer carry. Change the trajectory of your life, change the world! Starting with your own. It is never too late.


‘The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.’

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