“My hands are empty, but my heart is filled.”

Series of photographs reflect unusual life of a human being in continuity with animals, which connects the visible sign of love and the invisible bond of strong mutual support in their own existence. It shows the way of life, which for many of us is hardly acceptable, but nevertheless fascinating and inspiring in its essence.

The story is told by a 50-years-old man coming from Belgium, who said:  “I’ve always felt I was different than the others. My life has a different meaning than to adapt to the stereotype and materialism of modern times. ”  He left his home country in his youth and has decided to lead a life of ease and simplicity with a unique company, faithful dogs. His journey has taken him to Slovakia for a while and I could have the possibility to capture this small photo-documentary about his extraordinary lifestyle.

The story begins with an image of the place where we could meet him easily. It was the gateway of St. Andrew’s church in Komárno on Sunday mornings, begging for alms. For himself and for his animal friends as well. Most of the collected coins and material gifts became an important means of their survival.
Pictures represent the continuity of human and animal bond. Natural gestures of love, straight body language and facial expressions. All of it “cleaned” of burdens of modern boulder, which is dragging mankind somewhere into the imaginary abyss.

Photo-shooting and personal dialogue was a unique experience for me. The time spent with this special proud man and his beautiful dogs, also seeing their own happy ending. They left Slovakia years ago, no-one knows where they exactly are, but they will stay here in our memories.

“I got what I was looking for.”
“I have empty hands, but my heart is full.”

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